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by Spooky Tarantulas

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released February 4, 2015




Spooky Tarantulas Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Corner Store demo
Because that's all we had in common
We all wanted to die
And there would always be moments where we didn't even have a reason why
But we would always be mad at the world
And mad at ourselves
Always wanting to be somebody or somewhere else
And that's the worst part of it all
Knowing that we'll never be so tall
Enough to reach to tie that noose
Or to reach that bottle of jack on that shelf
Or to reach that lighter to smoke an entire pack to ourselves
Our lives are series of unfortunate events and we will never understand we don't mind because as long as we have
This lighter, this smoke, this forty, and our friends,
There will never be anything we lack
So thank you
Thank you
Corner store, you will always have my BACK
Track Name: Mint Flavored Gum demo
In your eyes I can't do no wrong
In my eyes i can't sing this song
And in your eyes you care for me
And in my eyes I can barely breathe
My name is not important
but what you would know is I'm a short kid
I've got hair as blue
as the mint flavored gum on your shoe and
I've got wings, nice and thick
It's sad how a strip of line is my ticket to confidence
(Oh it's sad )
I like boys who are confident
I like boys who are pessimist
these are boys I that I know I can deal with
These are boys I'll feel less shitty with
But sometimes I want a guy that'll make me laugh till I don't know why
And talk about the president
And evolution
And the universe
And the government
And the people, and people and
Us the people
And you the people
And we the people and
I the person
And you the person
And people, and people and people and people and ooooooh fuckin people
And maybe someday
Like your eyes
I can see with mine
That Im alright and im okay
And it's not because of you or any fuckin dude
I'm alright n it'll be no thanks to you